Thursday, July 21, 2011

It doesn't hurt to get your hair cut.

I wish that I had photos to document the whole crazy experience. This was not W's first hair cut. He had his first cut at maybe 6 months old? He usually is a rock star...sits on my lap, no problemo! Well, this rock star was in total diva mode yesterday. We walk in, say hey, and get down to business. I sit down, still holding W, and he flips his lid. He doesn't want to wear the cape. Got it. And absolutely No chair! He was having none of it. He did not want me to sit in the chair and he definitely wasn't sitting in that big scary thing all by himself! Okay, no biggie. We want Momma to stand up while you get your hair cut? Well then that's what we'll do. :) But no, he didn't care if we were sitting down, standing up, or standing on our heads. He was terrified. I felt horrible. And.people.were.staring. After what I would consider the longest 7-10 minutes of my life of the week, it was over and he was happy again. Of course, the sucker that Rea gave him had nothing to do with that.

And so here are a couple of photos I did manage to get afterward.

And one of the princess.


She did great by the way. No tears. :)

Love and it doesn't hurt, I promise,



  1. don't you know in order to be a rock star, you've got to have long hair like a rock star!!!

  2. Oh Allison! He has this gnarly cowlick in the front and I can't handle a mullet! He looks like he is 3 years old! Breaks my heart!


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